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Exclusively at Market Street, you can enjoy different variations of the original Irish Car Bomb. MSI has taken a spin by using different liquors of different nationalities. Membership includes a FREE MSI International Car Bomb T-Shirt, a Guiness embossed pint glass, as well as getting your name on the Pub Wall. For more information, please contact a bartender on your next visit to MSI Pub.
Each bomb includes Guiness Irish Stout, 1/2 Shot of Baileys & 1/2 Shot of the Associated Liquor listed below.

Guiness, Car Bomb, Car, Bomb

  1. American – Jack Daniels
  2. Brazilian – Cachaca
  3. Canadian – Yukon Jack
  4. Danish – Ketel One Vodka
  5. English – Bombay Sapphire
  6. French – Grand Marnier
  7. German – Jägermeister
  8. Greek – Ouzo
  9. Irish – Jamison
  10. Italian – Tuaca
  11. Jamaican – Meyers Rum
  12. Japanese – Sake
  13. Mexican – Kahlua
  14. MSI – Espresso Vodka
  15. Polish – Belvedere Vodka
  16. Puerto Rican – Bacardi
  17. Russian – Stolichnaya
  18. Scottish – Drambuie
  19. Spanish – Licor 43
  20. South African – Amarula
  21. Swedish – Absolute Vodka

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